Is Your Hair Spring Ready?

Is Your Hair Spring Ready?

Spring is a time of new beginnings – longer days, warmer weather, and rejuvenating your look. For many of us, this includes giving our hair a much-needed refresh. To make sure your hair is Spring ready, check out the tips below!

Keep It Light
During the winter, it’s important to use rich, fortifying products to keep your hair feeling hydrated. Heavier products like leave-in creams or hair oils have a heavier consistency that helps hair retain moisture. However, as the weather warms up and humidity becomes more and more common, these heavy products can start to weigh your hair down. Instead, try using a nourishing shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair clean and hydrated without the heavy creams.

Fight Against Frizz
The warm weather is a welcome change after a long, cold winter, but the heat and humidity always bring on a little frizz. A frizz-fighting product like a texturizing foam or lightweight thickening spray will coat your hair and combat the humidity and frizz.


** Maria’s Tip ** Stow a touch-up product in your bag to tamp own unexpected flyaways and frizz on especially humid days!


 Protect Against the Sun
We all know the sun can give unprotected skin major damage – the same is true of unprotected hair! The sun not only dries out your strands but can expose your hair to harmful UV rays that lead to dryness, rough texture, loss of color, stiffness, and brittleness. Using products that protect against UV rays will minimize the sun’s overall effect on your hair’s texture and color, even leading to less fading in color-treated hair.  

Follow these tips and you'll be feeling BeautyBrave in no time!

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