Customer-inspired and stylist-
created, Calista makes hair products
and tools for quick, effective hair
transformations that bring out
the best in you.

Calista means “most beautiful” and
we want women to discover
and embrace their own most
beautiful selves.⁠

As far as we’re concerned,
there’s nothing better (or braver)
than being yourself.

At Calista, we provide you with
the tools you need to transform
not only the way you look,
but the way you feel.

It’s all about how a small change
(whether that be your look or your
mindset) can make you feel brave
about your own beauty, or as
we call it, BeautyBrave.

We know you have the confidence
and savvy to be your own stylist,
so we make high-end, user-friendly
products and tools to help you
get salon-quality results at home. 

To keep it simple:
everything we create is easy,
effective, and good for your hair.

Calista founder Maria McCool is
a CEO, stylist, salon owner,
product creator, author,
QVC brand ambassador,
and lover of all things hair.

She created Calista with the goal of
helping women feel great about
themselves and their beauty
every day of their lives.

Calista was created to empower
women through confidence. Giving
back to organizations that support
women and embody our mission
is close to our hearts.

We proudly founded and support the
SHiNE Program at Penn Medicine, a
nonprofit organization that supports
patients living with cancer.

We also support the Maasai Cultural
Exchange Project, a nonprofit
providing young women of the
Maasai Tribe in Kenya with
education, necessities, and safety.