Customer-inspired and stylist-created, Calista makes high-quality hair products and time-tested styling tools. We believe in simplifying the hairstyling process, embracing your hair at every age, and giving you consistently beautiful results.

Our Founder

Calista founder and creator, Maria McCool, is a hairstylist, salon owner, product developer, and CEO - but if you ask Maria, her favorite place to be is behind the chair, transforming and empowering all of her uniquely beautiful customers.

Maria's goal is to give you the tools, knowledge, and resources to be your own stylist anytime, anywhere.

Our Products & Tools

Our user-friendly styling tools and hair-healthy products are designed to simplify the styling process, accommodate all hair lengths, and keep your hair healthy and strong.

With a wide range of styling solutions, Calista is here to help throughout every stage of your hair journey.


Our Mission

Calista means "most beautiful" and we want women to discover and embrace their own most beautiful selves throughout all stages of life.

At Calista, it's all about how a small change (whether that be your look or your mindset) can make you feel brave about your own beauty, or as we call it, BeautyBrave.

Giving Back

Calista was created to empower women through confidence. Giving back to organizations that support women and embody our mission is close to our hearts.

We proudly founded and support the Shine Program at Penn Medicine, a nonprofit organization that supports patients living with cancer.

We also support the Maasai Cultural Exchange Project, a nonprofit providing young women of the Maasai Tribe in Kenya with education, necessities, and safety.

Contact Us

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