What Is BeautyBrave?

What Is BeautyBrave?

I get asked about the meaning behind BeautyBrave quite frequently. From my early days of cutting my doll's hair and styling my friends, I found joy in making something beautiful even better.

Have you ever moved furniture in your house, added some fresh flowers, and thought to yourself 'wow! how satisfying!'? Whether it's people or house decorating, big appearance changes like a new hair cut or a new paint color on the walls, or small changes like using a new hair tool or adding flowers to a room - transformation is empowering.

The idea behind BeautyBrave always goes back to hearing my clients say, 'I was going to go straight home from the salon, but now I think I need to go out, I look too good!'

I am a firm believer that when you feel good about the way you look, you carry yourself differently. When I like the way I look, I notice I'm more inclined to run errands or meet up with a friend. My clients get the same feeling when they leave my salon chair with freshly styled hair, excited to seize the day.

I wanted to capture that feeling of confidence and, pun intended: bottle it. Beauty is personal and although we aim for BeautyBrave to be a collective movement among women, it means something totally different to everyone. That is why the Calista line offers a vast arsenal of tools and products to motivate each woman to try something new and find her own inner stylist.

I believe beauty is defined solely by you. When you feel confident about your hair, you feel confident about yourself. Our goal is to light that fire of inspiration and help you be BeautyBrave.

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