I Got My Dream Haircut…Now What?

I Got My Dream Haircut…Now What?

Congrats – getting the haircut you’ve always wanted is a big deal! Whether you were totally brave and went for a risky chop or finally got the light layering you’ve been putting off for months, what matters is you’ve got the perfect haircut for you and are totally feeling the #BeautyBrave buzz! But…what happens when the buzz dies down?

We’ve all been there…a few days go by, the salon-perfect style your hairdresser gave you has fallen flat, and your once seemingly perfect look has fallen a little flat. Believe it or not, achieving salon-quality style at home is something absolutely anyone can do—all it takes is the right tools!

Check out some of our favorite tips for salon styling at home.

Hot Tools

Styling tools are a great solution for post-haircut boredom. You can add a little volume, get smooth and straight locks, or give yourself some classic Hollywood curls. We believe that being your own stylist is important, so having a few tools that let you change up your look as you please not only makes your new haircut feel fresh longer – it also makes every day a little more fun!

Color Protection

This one is less about boredom and more about longevity. Getting professional color is the best way to ensure you achieve the shade you want. However, it’s up to you to make sure your color lasts as long as possible! Using color-safe shampoo and avoiding products that don’t prioritize color protection is the best way to get the most out of your new hue and prolong that next trip to the salon.


Whether you have pin straight hair or voluminous curls, finding a texturizing product can add some definition to your style and give your new haircut a second life. If you have naturally curly hair, a damp-hair texturizing product is your best bet at distinguishing your curls and bringing their natural beauty to the forefront. With straight hair, a dry texturizing product will add more hold and help your hair maintain its shape if you style with hot tools.

Loving your cut but having an off hair day? Try these bad hair day hacks!

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