4 Bad Hair Day Hacks You’ve Been Searching For

4 Bad Hair Day Hacks You’ve Been Searching For

It happened: you slept in, have no time to shower, and only a few minutes to spare on your hair and makeup before you rush out the door. Worry not! These hair hacks are here to take your bad hair day and turn it into a chance to use a new product, rock a new style, or try out a new technique!

Use Dry Shampoo

The ultimate in-a-pinch hair hero, dry shampoo is a must-have product for all hair types. Whether you could use a little texture and volume, are prone to an oily scalp, or want to refresh last night’s curls or blowout, dry shampoo has got you covered! Simply spray it into your scalp, work it through your strands, and get on with your day.

Switch Up Your Part

Looking for something easy, quick, and free? Switch up your hair part! Simply take a comb, brush, or even just your fingers and create a new part. Go from one side to the other or try out the center. Not only does this change up your everyday look, it also gives you plenty of volume and new styles to try.

Apply a Texturizing Product

Adding a little texture to your hair can make all the difference. Whether you’re naturally oily or perpetually dry, using a texturizing paste or spray to enhance the volume and body of your hair will always give it a touch of improvement.

Toss it Up

The easiest of all solutions: go for a stylish up-do! Toss your hair into a dignified low pony or twist it into a structured top knot. You’ll have a cute look all while saving yourself the time and energy it takes to remedy a bad hair day.

Try any one of these and you’ll be out the door in no time!

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