3 Reasons We’re Obsessed with Our Newest Tool

The AirGlide is HERE and it’s been in the works for quite some time. Maria knew for a long time that she wanted to add a tool to our line that reinvents the way we typically curl and straighten our hair – something that’s faster, easier, and well, better! Our team is all about the AirGlide Cool Breeze Styler and we think you should be too. Keep reading to find out why!

Beachy Waves Made Effortless
You know those loose, beachy waves that some people are able to create by twisting their hair around a straightening iron? They look amazing, but definitely have a learning curve. The AirGlide is the ultimate shortcut. It gives you those effortless, modern waves with nothing more than a simple twist. Not to mention, you can also straighten, smooth, curl, and lift - with the exact same tool!

Styles That Stay
The AirGlide isn’t just named for it’s airy, ethereal color scheme. It’s built with a small motor that actually pumps cool air out of the ventilated top while you style. That’s right – it’s a hot tool that releases cool air. Why? Because the combination of hot and cold actually makes your style last a lot longer. The heat radiating from the barrel creates your look while the cool blast coming from the top sets your look, making your style look better and last longer!

Lightweight & Easy to Maneuver
The thing about a lot of modern styling tools is that while they may give you results, your arms tire out halfway through the process and the whole routine can take a few tries before you really figure it out. This can be really discouraging, which is why we think the AirGlide is a problem solver and a time saver. Its user-friendly design lets you get an effective style on your first try, plus it’s incredibly lightweight and can be used with only one hand. When function meets convenience, we can’t help but celebrate it!

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Calista Tools

Hi Joyce! We don’t have a smaller size of AirGlide right now, but Maria is always looking for new ways to innovate our tools, so keep an eye out :)

Joyce Eckert

Will you be making the new air glide in a smaller diameter?

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