StyleDryer Pro Hair Drying Brush
StyleDryer Pro Hair Drying Brush
StyleDryer Pro Hair Drying Brush
StyleDryer Pro Hair Drying Brush
StyleDryer Pro Hair Drying Brush

StyleDryer Pro Hair Drying Brush

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Dry, Style, Volumize

A hairdryer and a brush all in one, the StyleDryer Pro Hair Drying Brush is a hair tool that combines the hot air of a blow-dryer with the structure of a brush to create a smooth, shiny blowout with tons of volume in one simple step. With 3 sizes,  attachments, and 3 heat settings, the StyleDryer lets you blow dry your hair while styling it into a perfectly polished look.

Your order will include:
1 StyleDryer Pro
1 Oval Brush Attachment in your selected size (Short, Medium, or Long)
1 Styling Brush Attachment


2 Styling Attachments
OVAL BRUSH: Perfect for flipping your ends inward or outward, the Oval Brush attachment features a larger surface area that can accommodate more hair. Longer nylon bristles grip and detangle hair while short and soft bristles add smoothness and shine.

STYLING BRUSH: Made to lift and smooth, the Styling Brush attachment features curved edges that deliver major volume. Detangle as you dry and easily direct each strand to achieve the exact style you want.

Fast Dry Time
Made with professional-grade 1200-watt power, the StyleDryer Pro features an Ionic Generator that increases the production of ions and delivers a faster dry time. Additionally, each attachment is infused with Tourmaline to distribute heat quickly and evenly.

Moisture Protection
StyleDryer Pro features Ionic Technology that releases negative ions that don't open up the hair shafts, allowing the hair to remain smooth and sleek. This feature adds shine and body, eliminates frizz, reduces static, and keeps hair soft and hydrated.

Easy to hold and simple to use, The StyleDryer Pro has a lightweight feel making it effortless to style with one hand. Dry and style your whole head without utilizing another tool or tiring out your arms. 

    1. Use StyleDryer Pro on damp, towel-dried hair.
    2. Plug unit in and choose desired styling attachment.
    3. Hold in release buttons on StyleDryer Pro and slide attachment on so that the slots at the bottom of attachment line up with arrows on the release buttons and let go to lock attachment in place.
    4. Turn on cool, low, or high setting.
    5. Once finished, turn StyleDryer Pro off and allow to cool.
    6. Remove attachments, unplug, and store in safe place to keep free from damage.


    1. Start with a section 2" wide by 1" thick.
    2. Place Styling Brush underneath section at the root and slowly run brush through section to the ends.
    3. Repeat on all sections until hair is dry.


    1. Start with a section 2" wide by 1" thick.
    2. Place Oval Brush underneath section at the root and slowly turn, working your way to the ends of your hair.
    3. Repeat on all sections until hair is dry. 


    Learn how to clean your StyleDryer Pro and extend the longevity.

    • 1200 Watt Power
    • 3 Temperature Settings (Cool 95° F, Low 185° F, High 248° F)
    • Control Ring to Choose Setting
    • 6' Swivel Cord
    • 2 Attachments
    • American/2-Prong Plug
    • NOT Dual Voltage/Voltage is 125 V

    The wider surface area of the Oval Brush is perfect for achieving a smooth and straight look! Section hair as usual, place Oval Brush underneath section while holding ends, and slowly run brush from roots to ends on the flat surface.

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