Why You Need the Calista Holiday Sets

Why You Need the Calista Holiday Sets

The Calista Holiday Sets are here! Not only do these amazing styling bundles feature some of your favorite Calista products and provide major savings, but they also pair together two styling products that make for the perfect gift (for you or a friend)! We’re talking through how you can use the products in each set together, why each pair makes for an amazing gift, and how long you can have access to these limited-edition sets!

The Max Hold Hairspray Duo

What’s In It: Embellish Finishing Spray and Marathon Long Life Hairspray

What You’re Saving: $25!
Embellish Finishing Spray costs $26, Marathon Long Life Hairspray costs $28
At a $54 value, you’re nearly getting both hairsprays for the price of one!

Why Gift It: This set takes our two strongest hairsprays and pairs them up for nonstop hold. Not only will these full-size hairsprays last you through the season, they’re also great for gifting. Give the gift of long-lasting hold to the friend who loves an up-do or needs the perfect product to complement her new styling tool. Or, do a little self-gifting and add both to your hairspray wardrobe so you’ll always have premium hold for any style!

The Healthy Hair Heroes

What’s In It: Jousse Vitality Spray and Jousse Mend Masque

What You’re Saving: $26!
Jousse Vitality Spray costs $26, Jousse Mend Masque costs $34
At a $60 value, you’re essentially getting a free Jousse Vitality Spray!

Why Gift It: Unlike the above duo, this is a pair that’s meant to be used in tandem. Jousse Mend Masque will be your best friend when combatting winter dryness or split ends and Jousse Vitality Spray is a heat protectant that infuses your hair with vitamins for a softer feel and better shine. Use both together to step up your haircare routine this season. The perfect gift for the treat-yourself queen, the spa day lover, or the girl trying to grow out her hair!

The Light-As-Air Pair

What’s In It: Airshape Finishing Spray and 02 Texturizer Spray

What You’re Saving: $23!
Airshape Finishing Spray costs $26, 02 Texturizer Spray costs $26
At a $52 value, you’re saving big on this lightweight styling duo.

Why Gift It: Lightweight hold meets touchable texture with this unbeatable duo. Our Stratosphere line specializes in offering textured styles while keeping hair flexible and free of that crunchy, sticky feeling you can get from heavier sprays. With this pair, you’re getting two products that can simplify a styling routine. As for gifting, give a short-style girl the perfect way to define her style or do a little self-gifting and add a little texture to your everyday look.

The Texturizing Team

What’s In It: Embellish Texturizing Definer and Embellish Texturizing Foam

What You’re Saving: $43!
Embellish Texturizing Definer costs $48, Embellish Texturizing Foam costs $29
At a $77 value, you’re getting HUGE savings on two of our most popular products.

Why Gift It: While these two products don’t need to be used in tandem, they offer the same high-quality texturizing and volumizing properties in two different ways. Embellish Definer is great for adding a piecey look to dry hair while Embellish Foam is great for infusing hair with volume before you even reach for the hairdryer. From upgrading your blowout to giving yourself a chic texturized look in a pinch, these Embellish products are the perfect team.

So, which styling bundle will you be stuffing stockings with this year? Let us know in the comments!


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    I would love it if you had travel size of Embellish Foam and hair spray!
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