Tools 101: The Smoothie Brush

Tools 101: The Smoothie Brush

Have you ever wondered what makes this brush so special? Let’s talk Smoothie!

Created in 2018, the Smoothie Brush has become a Calista staple. Not only do we bundle it with our Jousse Cleanse and Condition to ensure that our customers have the perfect brush for working product through their hair, but we also regularly recommend it with our other styling products and hot tools. Why? Because the Smoothie Brush was specifically created to be used anytime, anywhere.

Made with an ultra-lightweight frame and flexible, soft-tipped bristles, the Smoothie Brush is a flexi-brush by nature. If offers less pulling because it bends to reduce resistance when brushing through knots. It de-tangles gently because the thin, flexible bristles safely glide through hair (wet or dry) without tearing or breaking strands. And to top it all off, it’s incredibly light, which makes it easy to move through strands from root to end and smooth out problem areas.

As you can imagine, there’s no real need for a “How-To” when it comes to this hair tool. Using the Smoothie Brush is as simple as it gets. However, we wanted to give you some insight on what some of our BeautyBrave customers love about the Smoothie Brush and how they use this amazingly simple tool to create some amazingly unique looks!

“This works especially well on freshly shampooed hair that’s wet and tends to be really knotty. Best brush to use to blow dry your hair.” – Tonya

“This brush is my favorite to pair with the Perfecter! I love to create classic curls, set them with Embellish Finishing Spray, and then brush through them for a beautiful Hollywood glam look!” – Sydney

“The Smoothie Brush is my travel essential. I take it with me in every purse. You never know when you’ll have flyaways” – Allison

“I LOVE using this brush in the shower. I use Mend Masque and this makes sure I get it from roots to ends.” – Chrissy

Do you love the Smoothie Brush? Let us know in the comments!

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