Tools 101: The GoGo Mini Hair Dryer

The newest Calista tool is a-Go. That’s right, it’s the newest addition to the fan-favorite GoGo line. Maria wanted to create a GoGo product that was unlike anything else we’ve ever made. We’ve had blow dryers in the past and we’ve certainly ventured into travel-sized tools, but this time, Maria decided that if it was going to be small enough to travel with, it had to also be powerful enough to blow dry with. Introducing: The GoGo Mini Hair Dryer.

The Basics

The GoGo Mini Hair Dryer is a full-powered, 1000-watt hair dryer that comes in a petite and perfectly packable size. Ideal for travel, this tool folds in half for optimal portability and easy storage. With its full 1000-watt power, it also features two dryer speeds that let you control the temperature and the airflow speed. Best of all, it comes with a concentrator attachment that lets you focus the airflow for a super targeted dry.

From short hair to long hair – this tool is strong enough to dry your whole head and small enough to fit in any carry-on, purse, or cosmetic case!

Why the GoGo?

Maybe you’re wondering where this tool would have a place in your styling tool wardrobe. If you already have a hair dryer and you already have a GoGo Mini Round Brush, do you really need to get the GoGo Mini Hair Dryer too? Well, of course that’s up to you, but Maria created this tool not only for national travelers, but for those who have limited storage space, those who regularly shower at the gym, those who don’t want to waste space in their weekend duffel bag by packing a full-size hairdryer, and even those who want a reliable, Calista-brand hair dryer rather than using the one that comes in their hotel room.

There are endless reasons to try the GoGo Mini Hair Dryer, but the long and short of it (hair pun intended) is that it’s the perfect combination of size and strength. A full-powered hair dryer in a cute, compact package.

Will you try the GoGo Mini Hair Dryer? Let us know in the comments and tag us on social media @calistatools or with #BeautyBrave!


Calista Tools

Hi Carol! This tool is not dual voltage and will not work in the Czech Republic. For more information, please contact


Will this work with Czech Republic adapter voltage there is 230

Calista Tools

Hi Grandma Julie!
We’re so glad you’re interested in the GoGo Mini Hair Dryer! We hope that you’ll consider purchasing the product and know that you (and your granddaughter) will love it if you do! For more information, please contact


I would love to try the Calista GoGo mini hair dryer. I would pack it the rainbow duffle bag that’s filled with my 5 year old granddaughter’s swimsuit, towel, etc. I take to our community center waterslide pool every other day. She has long, very curly hair and this will be a perfect dryer for her – and her favorite color, PINK! Can you send me one and I will write a product review with photo? Thank you! Grandma Julie

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