Tools 101: A Beginner’s Guide to the GoGo Mini Round Brush

GoGo Minis are back in stock! That means it’s time for a quick brush up on how to use this small-but-mighty styling tool. Weighing in at only 3.5 oz, the GoGo is 7” long with a 1” thick barrel, making it ideal to stash in your makeup bag, keep in your desk drawer, or toss in your purse. Keep reading to find out how to use this tool for all of your small-scale styling needs!

The Basics

While the GoGo is a full-powered tool, its size doesn’t make it the best choice for styling a whole head of hair. If you have short or particularly fine hair, it could do the job. However, for longer or thicker hair, we recommend The Perfecter Pro! The GoGo is best for creating small curls, smoothing hair, or touching up problem areas.

Next, remember a heated round brush is specifically made to style and brush through your hair so that you have a more natural-looking curl and less opportunities to burn or singe your hair. Because the bristles are hard, too much twisting too quickly will lead to the tool getting stuck and rolling up from the bottom of your hair or taking too big of a section can also lead to a tangle. Hair styling is a learning process so be patient with yourself and take your time!


Fixing Frizz + Touching Up

Because the GoGo is created with ionic technology, its small size makes it perfect for fixing frizzy areas on your crown, hairline, or bangs. Ionic Technology breaks up the water particles in each hair strand which then penetrate the hair shaft and leave hair feeling hydrated and help prevent tangles or frizz. Use the GoGo to smooth frizz by slowly brushing it through frizzy sections of hair. Its compact size lets you get close to your hairline, touch up around ears, and easily fix flyaways by gently brushing through your hair and letting the technology do its job!

Creating Curls

To create small curls with your GoGo, start by brushing through a strand that’s around 0.5” thick. Hold the GoGo behind that strand and keep the tool vertical. Place the top of your strand into the teeth at the top of the GoGo and slowly turn the GoGo back towards your head, allowing the teeth to comb through your hair as you turn. Once you’ve made one full rotation, hold for 5 seconds and allow the curl to set. Continue this process as you move down your strand, keeping the tool vertical and turning it slowly as you go.

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