The Story Behind the Sweet Summer FAUXblos

The Story Behind the Sweet Summer FAUXblos

Summer is here and so are the beautiful new FAUXblo colors! This year, Maria took a different approach to choosing these sensational ombré shades. Instead of being inspired by florals or simple solids, she drew inspiration from some of her favorite Summertime treats.

Sweet Summer FAUXblos

These three new colors are PERFECT for Summer – fun, bright, and full of personality! When choosing these colors, Maria was thinking about going for a different theme than she normally does. “I wanted to tap into what makes Summer so much fun. It’s about sunshine, warmth, enjoying time with family, and for me, taking advantage of delicious Summer treats!” Maria says that the new colors gave off the sense of joy she wanted to convey for a Summertime collection.

“The Pink Lemonade, Blue Snow Cone, and Raspberry Ice colors all had this pop to them that I just love. I think it reads so beachy, so warm and Summery! I can’t wait for our customers to have these beautiful colors in their home to brighten up their bathroom counters and their styling routines!”


Yesterday was the FAUXblo TSV (Today’s Special Value) on QVC! This means Maria is on-air all day long with a brand-new product, showing all of the amazing features, demonstrating on models, and chatting with the hosts. TSV days are extremely special at Calista HQ and take a ton of prep and planning.

For example, Maria wanted to update her set to have a more Summery and exciting look. She hand-crafted these flower arrangements with tons of bold pinks, bright yellows, and pops of blue to bring out the beautiful colors of the newest FAUXblos and put every QVC viewer in the mood for Summertime fun!

Did you catch Maria on air? Let us know in the comments if you had a favorite segment or if you have a favorite of the new Sweet Summer FAUXblos!


  • Calista Tools

    Hi Tina! We do not sell the FAUXblo barrels separately, but we do have a smaller size available. Please check out the product page to see all of our available sizes and colors. Thank you!

  • Tina

    I have the 1 1/2" faux blow but need a smaller barrel. Do you sell them seperarately?

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