The Story Behind the Rose Gold Chrome Perfecter

The Story Behind the Rose Gold Chrome Perfecter

If you’re a Perfecter fan, you know that we’ve had a huge range of prints and colors over the years. From beautiful florals and bright hues to moody tones and animal prints, the Calista Perfecter is known for bringing a beautiful pop of color to your bathroom counter and making styling easy, fast, and fun. This summer, Maria wanted to give the Perfecter a new look, something beyond a fresh print or color that had never been done before.

Enter the Rose Gold Chrome Perfecter.

“The chrome is such a fun innovation for us!” Maria said, “It allows us to take a tool that our customers know and love and give it a bit of a facelift, making it feel totally new!”

The Calista founder is always looking for new ways to change up her popular tools, specifically the Perfecter Pro – a tool that’s been a top seller for Calista since the 2010s. The original Perfecters came only in solid hues, but as time went on, Maria wanted to bring some prints into the mix. From fun florals to pretty patterns, the Perfecter gets a new look every year (sometimes more)! However, this is the first time a chrome finish has made its way onto a Calista Tool (and we’re not giving away any spoilers for 2024, but it probably won’t be the last)…

Do you have a favorite Perfecter pattern? Are there any fun prints, colors, or finishes that you’d love to see on your favorite Calista tools? Let us know in the comments!


  • Calista Tools

    Hi Patricia! We are so happy to hear this!! Your BeautyBrave story is truly inspiring to us and a great reminder of why we do what we do! Thank you so much!

  • Patricia A Fales

    I found Calista, Because l was looking for a new hair cut ! And l thought l should start feeling better about myself ! And it started , when l bought myself new clothes, at TJmaxx, then started, to wear my hair different ! And l felt good about myself! Went to see my niece from Florida, that was at her camp in Vermont! When she saw me ! She said “ Aunt Patti, You look fabulous!!!! And my other family members all agreed! And for once in my life ! I knew l had the right to want to to feel and look good about myself! So l got me a new hairdresser Zoe E. Elliott from DELILAH ‘ S HAIR STUDIO and have her cut my from a video l had seen on CALISTA ! I got a razor cut bob. and l love it! I just don’t know what tools to start with! I am 76 years old ! And l want to look and feel my best! I owe it to myself! And l love watch Maria McCool…..Thank You, Patricia Fales

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