The Best Hair-Themed Stocking Stuffers

The Best Hair-Themed Stocking Stuffers

How many hair lovers will you be shopping for this holiday season? We’ve got the perfect additions for all of their stockings! From novice stylists to seasoned pros, these are the stocking stuffers all hair lovers can’t get enough of!

They’re back! This ‘90s darling has claimed the hearts of the new generation and made a major comeback in the fashion scene. Not only do they come in tons of cute patterns, but they also reduce friction and strain on your strands, making them better for your hair! The best part? You can never have too many!

Claw Clips
Another former ‘90s staple, the claw clip has had a major resurgence. Coming in all sorts of colors, patterns, and even sizes, these handy little clips are ideal for creating fun styles for all hair types and lengths.

Mini Products
From sampling new products to traveling with ease, mini products and styling tools are the perfect way to give a hair lover something new to play with. The stakes are low, the payoff is high, and the size is just downright cute!

Silk Pillow Case
Soft, smooth, and amazingly comfy, silk pillowcases are popping up in bedrooms everywhere! Not only do they feel incredible, they also provide major benefits to your hair. The soft nature of the silk helps prevent split ends and breakage, so not only are you giving a gift that feels luxurious, you’re helping them along on their healthy hair journey!

What are your favorite hair themed stocking stuffers? Let us know in the comments!

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