Spring Styles: Tips from Maria & Amy!

Spring Styles: Tips from Maria & Amy!

Spring has officially sprung! To celebrate, our founder Maria McCool sat down with one of our favorite QVC hosts, Amy Stran to talk all things Spring hair. Check out some of the highlights below!

“When a season changes, I want a change!” Amy started us off with amazing words of wisdom that we can all relate to. As the ladies got more into the conversation, Maria dropped some serious hair knowledge about trends we should all be on the lookout for this year!

Bring in Texture & Movement

Spring is all about getting rid of the heaviness. Amy recently changed her style to have a little more dimension, getting rid of the one-length look she grew accustomed to and opting for an angled bob and some piecey layers. Maria pointed out that if you’re not in the mood for a full cut and color, you can easily add some texture with tools and products! Maria gave her hair a little volume with the GoGo Mini Round Brush and mentioned the FAUXblo Thermal Brush is ideal for a lot of volume and movement without a lot of effort.

Go With What Works for You!

A commenter asked if Maria believes that older women should have shorter hair. Maria pointed out that like all hair styles, the way you handle your hair as you get older depends on hair type! Thicker styles can grow out a little longer without looking straggly whereas thinner, finer hair can sometimes be better off short because this will make hair appear fuller and thicker.

Maria’s Tip for Going Short: Keep it modern! Even if you get a fresh cut, if it’s a dated style, it makes you look dated too!

Strengthen Your Hair

Some commenters were asking about how to thicken their naturally thin hair. Maria’s suggestion is to choose a shampoo and conditioner that will thicken and strengthen their hair. She had some Jousse on hand and mentioned it as an ideal solution for anyone looking to give their thin hair a little boost!

Amy let viewers in on a little secret hint about one of Calista’s new releases coming this May: an Embellish product made to thicken hair and do all sorts of other things, or as Maria calls it, “miracles and transformations” – keep an eye out!

Watch the whole Live here or follow @calistatools on Instagram for more styling tips & tricks!

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