Should You Try Grey Blending?

Have you heard? It’s time to embrace your grey. A style we’re loving this season is grey blending – the natural transition from color to grey. It’s a unique hair coloring technique that allows you to slowly work in your greys as they appear, blending them with natural-looking highlights that mimic your natural tone. In short, it can be a smooth transition to going totally grey!

Not sure if it’s for you? We’re here to help! Below, we’re talking all things grey blending from deciding if it’s the next stop on your hair journey to asking your hairdresser to get you the perfect look and how to maintain it!

Choosing Grey Blending
Gray blending is a subtle hair color application that oscillates between highlights and balayage. Typically, your colorist will start by lightening large sections of hair with a balayage technique and follow up by accentuating finer strands to blend with your natural grey. This contrast between lighter and darker hair allows the grey to look more natural, giving the hair a more cohesive look overall.

If you’re unsure about deciding to start grey blending, ask yourself if you fall into any of these categories:
  • Not ready to go all grey
  • Like some dimension in your hair color
  • Want to stay natural without committing to a whole new look
  • Love a low-maintenance color regimen
If any of these sound like you, grey blending might be right up your alley!

Asking Your Stylist for Grey Blending
Grey blending can be done on any original color, from dark brown to bright blonde. While it tends to work most easily on lighter shades, your colorist will be able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to formula, technique, and distribution of color.

Maintaining Grey Blending
Maintaining grey blending is much simpler than maintaining a full color treatment. Your hairdresser will be able to give you a timeline for your next dose of color, but visits to the salon can be spaced out over the next several months. Best of all, this low-maintenance color treatment helps maintain your hair’s integrity, decreasing the potential for damage as it ages. As always, we recommend maintaining a hair-healthy cleanse and condition routine, sticking with tools that limit heat damage so as to not risk decolorization, and keeping up with regular trims so that your hair stays healthy, shiny, and fresh!

Do you think you’ll try grey blending? Let us know in the comments!

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