Products 101: Stratosphere Bounce Cream

Our newest addition to the Stratosphere Line is taking the BeautyBrave World by storm! Formulated in 2022 and launched on our website at the start of 2023, Stratosphere Bounce Cream has quickly become a fan favorite product. Keep reading to find out why!

About The Product
Stratosphere Bounce Cream is a lightweight, wet-hair styling fluff that creates sky-high volume and spring-back bounce. Formulated to have a uniquely cloud-like texture, bounce cream elevates your strands and add volume, lift, and actual bounce to your hair. Maria came up with this product when she was looking to add a fresh new product to the Stratosphere Line. She wanted something that could be used on wet hair and give that light, flexible volume that Stratosphere products are known for.

Why You’ll Love It
The entire Stratosphere line is light, flexible, and perfect for giving hair body without weighing it down. Our favorite feature of Bounce Cream is that it’s formulated with oxygen to keep hair feeling light while adding volume and providing glamorous bounce before you even reach for the hairdryer. Maria also loved that Bounce Cream has a cloud-like fluffiness when scooped from the jar – it truly feels like a cloud! When you rub it into your hands, it completely  transforms into a velvety, luxurious styling cream.

How To Use It
Bounce Cream is meant to be used on damp, towel-dried hair. For best results, scoop a nickel-sized amount onto your palm and rub your hands together. This will make the product transform into a smooth styling cream. Once the product has transformed, evenly work it through your hair from roots to ends. Try not to use too much! This product is highly effective so a little bit goes a long way!

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