Products 101: 02 Texturizer Spray

Products 101: 02 Texturizer Spray

It’s time to give the 411 on one of our favorite texturizing products. With reviews that say everything from “Nice lift with no stickiness” to “BODY FOR DAYS!!”, 02 Texturizer has certainly made an impression on our BeautyBrave customers. But for those of you who may not know much about this game-changing product, we figured it’s best to go back to the beginning!

The History of 02

Maria created 02 Texturizer Spray in 2018 as the first product in our Stratosphere Line. A series of products dedicated to taking the “heaviness” out of hairstyling, the Stratosphere Line started as Maria’s solution of giving her clients all the body and texture they wanted without leaving behind the sticky, heavy product buildup that comes with so many styling products.  

Why You Need It

The basic principle behind 02 is effortless texture that won’t weigh you down. It is formulated with an oxygen base, meaning it has a lighter quality than hairspray and creates definition and texture without stiffness. As a buildable product, it’s great for giving your hair both a light, piecey quality or a serious dose of body, bounce, and volume. 02 can be used on any hair length,  is packed with absorbent minerals that help detoxify hair, and, according to many of our customer reviews, “It also smells delightful!”

Styling with 02

When it comes to styling with 02, the process is rather simple. Simply spray the product in your hair, work it into your strands with your fingers, and watch your hair come to life with texture and body! For a little extra boost, Maria recommends spraying up and into your style, locking the volume in at the root, and creating visible lift that helps your hair reach new altitudes. (wink, wink)

So…are you ready to try 02 Texturizer? For more tips and a peek behind the curtain, check out our amazing how-to video here!

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