Maria McCool on the Benefits of a Styling Tool Wardrobe

Maria McCool on the Benefits of a Styling Tool Wardrobe

“You have a wardrobe of dresses, shoes, tops, pants – all of it. Why should it be any different for your hair?”

That’s what Calista founder Maria McCool had to say about the simplicity of changing up your hairstyle. In a sit-down conversation about achieving new hair looks, she talked all about using multiple styling tools, why you don’t always need to go for a dramatic haircut, and why she’s a big believer in the styling tool wardrobe.

Changing our hair can often feel dramatic. Whether we finally get the bangs we’ve always wanted to try out or go from long hair to a pixie, it’s easy to think about hair changes through the lens of intense transformation. But at Calista, we’re big believers in the importance of small change.    

“We all know our hair. Most of us tend to stay within the same lane and keep the same style. We’re all prone to staying in our comfort zone, but sometimes, we’ll go out on a limb and cut our hair off only to grow it back.”

“We want change, but that’s not always the change we’re looking for.”

When asked what she would suggest instead, Maria got into the importance of having a styling tool wardrobe – a collection of hair tools that lets you change up your look in a less dramatic fashion.

“Having a wardrobe of tools is what really allows you to have a completely different look with the hair that’s on your head in the length and style that it is.”

Maria went on to compare having multiple tools in your arsenal to having multiple dresses for an upcoming weekend.

“A perfect example is the weekend I’m literally about to have. I’m going away for my son’s graduation and there will be multiple functions – a daytime, outdoor graduation, a black-tie affair, a nighttime party celebration, and a brunch. Every single one of these events requires a different outfit, but also a different hairstyle! I don’t want my daytime hair to be the same as my black-tie gala hair. Packing 2 tools is  going to give me that versatility.”

Maria went on to talk about how you really can change your whole look with a tool and how having multiple tools gives you endless styling options whenever you need them.

So, where should you start?

“Let’s say your everyday style is sleek and straight and you have a great straightening tool that you’re used to. I’d recommend introducing a curling tool that totally changes your look.”

You can even compare it to shoes. Maria went on to give this example.

“Your everyday tool is like your pair of flats or flipflops. You wear this look regularly and are super comfortable with it. Your change-it-up tool is like your favorite pair of stilettos. You wear this look when you’re wanting to spice it up or feel really special. The sweet spot that I think a lot of people miss out on is that middle ground – like a pair of wedges, a look that you wear when you want a change, but don’t need to do a major transformation. Hair tools can work just like your closet of shoes!”

When it comes to styling, Maria is a huge fan of the Triangl for her everyday “flip-flop” look of smooth, frizz-free volume. To change it up, she goes to the Perfecter to get that “wedge” look of volume with a slight curl. And for something special, she turns to the AirGlide for celebratory beachy waves.


Which tools do you have in your styling tool wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!


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