Maria McCool on Her New Favorite Perfecter Print

Maria McCool on Her New Favorite Perfecter Print

If you’re a QVC viewer, you know that we’ve debuted the Perfecter in a brand-new print for Fall! Pink Denim is Maria’s latest design and it’s inspired by one of her all-time favorite fashion staples: Denim! When it comes to cooler weather, our fabulous founder is all about rocking jeans and denim jackets whenever she can. Keep reading to learn more about Maria’s absolute love of denim and why this Perfecter pattern is her favorite one yet - in her own words!

“Maria McCool here to tell you all about our new Pink Denim print  - inspired by my love of jeans!

Just like that perfect pair of jeans always gives you confidence, the Perfecter is that always reliable, go-to hair tool that gives you instant confidence about your hair. It’s fast, easy, and fun – just like adding a great piece of denim into your wardrobe.

This is our first fashion-inspired Perfecter and the print is actually based off of one of my very own jean jackets. I love the light wash denim topped with beautiful pink florals and I think it makes for a beautiful Perfecter pattern.

Having that pair of jeans or denim jacket that fits just right is my absolute favorite for feel-good, classic, confident style. Our Pink Denim Perfecter combines fashion and style for a fun, new look to add to your Perfecter collection. Or, if you’re new to the Perfecter community, this is a gorgeous print to start with! I hope you all love it as much as I do!”

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