How to Choose the Right Shade of Embellish Root Touch-Up

How to Choose the Right Shade of Embellish Root Touch-Up

It’s finally back! After a long wait, Embellish Root Touch-Up is finally back in stock! This product not only covers greys and fills in thinning patches with its 11 easy-match shades, but it also features a fibrous formula that adheres to individual strands and plumps up hair for a fuller, thicker look. Want to know how to choose the right color for your hair? Keep reading to find out!

Choosing Your Shade
It starts with the basics. What color is your hair? Below is our color-matching chart to help you get started.

According to Calista founder and Embellish Root Touch-Up creator, Maria McCool, “Hair color is very unique and the color choices on the market are very limiting. We want to change the root coloring space for the better because this is a huge need.”

Embellish Root Touch-Up comes in 11 shades that match well with a wide variety of hair colors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match. Maria will often mix colors together to achieve a desired shade depending on the time of year.

“My typical shade is Ash Blonde, but if it’s summer and my hair is a little lighter, I’ll mix in the Light Blonde to give my roots a bit of a brightening!” Maria said, “Some clients with grey hair will mix Salt & Pepper with White to achieve that perfect shade. Some brunettes find it best to mix together a few of our Browns to get the perfect look. Even Auburn beauties use a bit of the Blonde if they have a more copper tone to their hair! The options are endless and that’s why I love this product so much!”

Maria’s made it easy, too. All you have to do with Embellish Root Touch-Up is tap and blend. The unique sponge applicator delivery system has the range of a spray and the accuracy of a brush, making it an easier solution than other root touch-up products on the market.

“Embellish Root Touch-Up is one of my favorite products we’ve created! As we like to say, it helps you feel confident from the outside in!”

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