How to Choose a Hair Salon

How to Choose a Hair Salon

One of the most important relationships of your life is the one you have with your hairstylist! While this may or may not be true for everyone, it’s certainly something we believe at Calista. Finding the right hairstylist and the right salon for you can be a major factor in how you choose a hairstyle, how that hairstyle suits you, and how it inevitably impacts your whole aesthetic. And like we always say, the way you look can really impact the way you feel. Today, we’re talking all about how to choose a hair salon and find the right hairstylist for you so that you can get your hair where you want it to be and you’re your life feeling strong, confident, and completely BeautyBrave.  

Start With Recommendations

As always, your friends and family members are an excellent resource. Because absolutely everyone needs a haircut or color every now and then, you’re bound to have people in your life willing to share their go-to salon or stylist with you. Another great tip for getting recommendations is to look into local salons and read the reviews – you’re bound to have a quick understanding of whether a place holds a favorable opinion in your community. Our final and most BeautyBrave recommendation-seeking tip of all: if you see a woman with a hairstyle you absolutely love, go up to her and ask where she gets her hair done! Not only will you get the exact recommendation you’ve been searching for, but you’re spreading positivity and likely giving her a compliment she won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

What To Look for in a Salon

Even if you have a running list of a few salon recommendations, you’ll want to narrow down which one you definitely want to try. Here are a few things to look for when choosing the right salon for you!


This is a highly personal qualifier, but it’s important nonetheless! Depending on how often you want to get your hair done, choosing a salon that’s within reasonable distance from your home or office could be very important. Maybe you’re only planning to get a proper haircut and color every few months and choosing a salon an hour away isn’t a big deal. Both scenarios are completely understandable! This is just something we would want you to keep in mind when making your selection. 


Will you be wanting a balayage treatment or a more standard dye job? Are you wanting a big change from long locks into a pixie or just looking to trim off some dead ends? Do you need someone who specializes in curly hair or could you manage with a stylist who doesn’t have much experience under their belt? Before choosing a salon, make sure you have a clear idea about what you want done to your hair. Some hair treatments and coloring styles take a higher skill level to achieve and the last thing you want is to be left with a poorly done style and wishing you’d done more research.


Perhaps most important next to services is the demeanor and experience of the stylists. A large part of getting your hair done and feeling brave enough to embrace change of any kind is being made to feel comfortable and confident that the people taking care of you are looking out for your best interests and take pride in their work. Pay attention to reviews that talk about the demeanor of the stylists, the feel of the atmosphere, and the professionalism of those who work in the salon. All of these factors are going to play into your experience!


Look closely at the pictures the salon provides in their listing! Does it look like a place where you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed? Is it clean, tidy, and organized? Does it appear that a great deal of care has been taken to equip the space with comfortable chairs, suitable lighting, and nicely-appointed décor? These factors may not seem important, but in the beauty space, the extra touches go a long way. The care and attention given to the space is likely the care and attention you can expect will be given to you.

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