Hair Hacks: Which Calista Tool Solves Your Hair Issue?

Hair Hacks: Which Calista Tool Solves Your Hair Issue?

The best thing about Calista Tools is that they do so many different things. Every tool we sell is multidimensional and dynamic, solving more than just one hair issue at a time. That being said, it can be a little confusing to know which tool is the right choice for fixing your specific hair issues. We’re breaking down the facts about our most popular tools and pointing you in the right direction for the best tool to fix your specific hair issues!

Get Rid of Frizz

As far as fighting frizz goes, there is no match for the Triangl Pro. Its brush-like shape makes it easy to glide through your hair and slowly but surely eliminate the frizz strand by strand.

“I flat iron my hair daily in an effort to stop the frizz and within 3 hours it's always back to the way it was before. I was doubtful about how well the Triangl Pro Heated Detailer Brush by Calista Tools would work but I'm never looking back! It allows me to get straight / non-frizzy hair without all the burning / damage I used to get with my flat iron. It also lets me add a bit of texture / movement to my hair, which with short hair is super important.” – JMM

Get Styles that Last

The AirGlide is going to be your new best friend. This tool features cool air technology that actively helps your hair style stay in place while you’re styling.

"The airflow has been a game changer.
1) Curls last me two days. Two days!! Once in, they’re set. Sometimes on day 2 I refresh a couple around my face.
2) Curling my hair doesn’t make me hot. Maybe a younger me wouldn’t think that was an issue- but some of us ladies don’t need anything bringing the heat. Hallelujah this made a huge difference.” – Fawn

Get a Fast Style Anytime, Anywhere

Rushing to get ready for a wedding? Can’t find the nearest blowout bar? Want to speed up your morning styling routine? The StyleDryer fixes every single one of these issues. It’s easy, packable, and gives you a voluminous blowout in one simple step.

“As for the results of using this dryer…… I’m obsessed!!!! My hair looks and feels absolutely beautiful using this dryer! My curly hair is not frizzy like a regular hairdryer. My curls aren’t there, I have voluptuous volume and beautifully trained bounce to my hair. It literally looks like I just left a salon. I love it.” – Tammie

Get That Sleek, Shiny Look

The FAUXblo is amazing for many reasons, but the best thing about it is that it truly leaves your hair silky smooth. The soft bristles make it so that hair is infused with extra shine and body with every single use.

“The Calista Fauxblo Thermal brush is the best hair brush styling tool I've ever used. I've never been a fan of styling brushes bcuz any time I used one they would get stuck and tangled in my hair and I never had good results with them. The first time I used the Fauxblo brush I was so impressed!! I couldn't believe how smooth and easy this brush moved through my hair!! It gave my hair a smooth sleek shiny curl. I couldn't be happier after using this product it has definitely changed my way of styling my hair from now on. The features of this brush are fantastic!! The amount of heat is perfect and only takes seconds to heat up! Another feature is the beeping sound when it's ready. I gave my hair the perfect beautiful smooth curl I was looking for and I will be using it from now on to style my hair.” – PJ

Get More Volume

The Perfecter Oval is ideal for bringing serious volume to your hair (especially for shorter styles). Its unique shape lets you lift more hair at once, get right to the root, and give hair a major lift with just a small twisting motion.

“I've been looking for a heated brush for volume, and I finally found the perfect one! The others will be trashed! Just got the oval brush a few days ago (received within 3/4 days), and I'm so glad I bought it. It works and is easy to use. I had a hair appointment today, April 6, 2022, and first thing my hairdresser commented on was the volume in my hair.” – Roberta

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