5 Need-to-Know Winter Haircare Tips

5 Need-to-Know Winter Haircare Tips

Is your hair ready for winter? Let us help you get prepped with these 5 need-to-know tips for healthy, happy winter hair!

1. Make Time for Haircare

The stress of the holidays can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the last thing you want to think about is your hair. Our first tip is to take time for yourself whenever possible and give your hair a little dose of TLC. Whether that be an amazing hair mask or a trip to the salon, take time to treat yourself! Even just a little bit of extra care nourishes, repairs, moisturizes, and gives your hair a radiant shine that will last all season long.

2. Watch Out for Winter Dryness

Ever notice that your hair dries out when the temperature drops? The main cause of dry hair in the winter isn't the temperature itself, but the lack of moisture in the air. In particular, the ends can dry out very quickly, making your hair look frizzy or dull. We suggest using a hair oil or deep conditioning treatment to combat this dryness and keep your hair looking healthy.

3. Use Sunblock! (For Your Hair)

Just because it's no longer summer doesn't mean SPF is any less important. This goes for your face and your hair! UV exposure can damage your hair in the short and long term, so always use a product that protects against the sun. Jousse Vitality Spray is a great one!

4. Up Your Cleanse & Condition Game

Let's face it: your haircare is only as good as your products and that starts with a premium shampoo and conditioning regimen. Find a shampoo and conditioner that are free from parabens and sulfates and formulated with high-quality ingredients. A salon-quality shampoo and conditioner will ensure that you're actually getting to the root and cleaning the pores on your scalp, not just the hair that grows out of them.

5. See Your Stylist

As always, we recommend making an appointment with your hairdresser. Even just a quick trim freshens up your hair and gives you a healthier, happier hairdo. Thinner, damaged ends are especially sensitive to winter dryness, so be sure to have a professional check in on your hair every 6-8 weeks!


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    The Intensify Styling Foam is unfortunately no longer in stock. A comparable product would be Embellish Texturizing Foam. It will give you that same amazing volume and lift!
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    I have been using Calista Intensify Volumizing Styling Foam for many years. I love it!!! I can no longer find it. What happened to it??? I am so disappointed. If no longer available, is there a comparable product available? I hope so!!!
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    Patricia A. Clairmont

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