5 Holiday Hair Ideas from Maria McCool

5 Holiday Hair Ideas from Maria McCool

In case you missed it, Maria did some helpful how-tos for holiday hairstyles on our Instagram and Facebook pages! We’re going through each style for short and long hair and recapping her amazing tutorials so you can have the holiday look of your dreams!

Holiday Headband


Before getting into the more complex styles, Maria showed us the magic of a simple headband. A perfect bit of sparkle for long hair or short, you can use your Triangl Pro to smooth hair straight, lift it at the root, and top it off with a sparkly holiday headband.

“If you want to get your BeautyBrave on, go for a no-bang look!” – Maria



Simple Twist


This style is a simple look that adds a lot of glamour. To start, tease your hair from the bangs all the way through the crown and on each side. Smooth hair with your fingers or comb and add a little bit of hairspray to get some texture. Twist hair to meet in the back and place a bobby pin with a pretty broach.



Twisted Up-Do


This up-do is perfect for short hair and builds on the previous look! Pull the sides to the back and pin them in place like you did in the previous look. Continue pulling hair from the sides to the back to gather more and more hair, creating an up-do look. Cross pin them by taking two bobby pins and placing them on the hair like an “X”. This helps keep the hair in place and makes for a more secure hold than just a single bobby pin. Hide those bobby pins with some great hair pieces if you want to add a little pizazz.


Classic French Twist


If you want to go full-on up-do, here’s another idea! Take the whole top section and clip it off. On each side, twist a section and add more hair as you twist. Cross pin those sections in place at the back. Spray a little bit of hairspray to add texture. Take the top section down and do a nice strong back comb to thicken out the area and give yourself the density to style. Add hairspray as you go to give yourself volume! Twist the hair into the back and pin it in place for a classic French Twist look.



Faux French Braid

This style is great for longer hair. You’ll need small hairbands, bobby pins, hair pins, and Embellish Finishing Spray for a little bit of volume and shape. Section your hair into 4 parts. Take first section and tie it with a rubber band in the back. Drape the ponytail over the front of the head to get it out of the way. Repeat on the other 3 sections. It’s truly as easy as 4 ponytails!

Take the first section ponytail and lightly back comb it. Split that ponytail around the second ponytail. Back comb the second ponytail and crisscross ponytail 1 underneath. Split ponytail 2 around the third ponytail. Repeat on ponytails 3 and 4. Create a simple braid with the remaining hair. For a more classic up-do, wrap the long braid around itself and pin it in place.


Want to watch the videos? Check them out here and here!

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