5 Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing

5 Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing

No matter how much haircare advances, certain wives’ tales seem to continually make the rounds. Whether you hear it from you cousin’s friend’s hairdresser or read it in a random Facebook post, hair myths still run rampant. We decided it’s time to debunk them! Check out these 5 common hair myths and why you should stop believing them.

Myth 1: Brushing Your Hair More Often Makes it Healthier

We’ve all heard that doing “100 strokes a day” with your hairbrush is the key to healthy hair. However, this is entirely not true! It turns out, excessive brushing can be very damaging to your hair. Instead, brush only as needed and be sure to use a hairbrush with bristles that stimulate the scalp.  

Myth 2: Conditioning Greasy Hair Will Make it Worse

This one seems like it would make sense – why add more moisture to hair that’s already oily? However, greasy hair doesn’t come from conditioning your hair. The “grease” that builds up in your hair comes from a natural oil produced by your scalp tissues. Using a hydrating shampoo AND conditioner is necessary to properly clean your scalp and prevent this buildup from weighing down your hair.  

Myth 3: Plucking One Gray Hair Will Cause Two to Grow in its Place

This is completely false! First of all, when your hair starts to gray is determined by aging and genetics. While it is not a good idea to pluck hairs from your head as it can lead to scarring or early thinning, tweezing a gray hair here and there will not cause more gray hairs to grow. If you’re worried about gray hairs, talk to your colorist or look into a root covering product that can help conceal unwanted silver strands.

Myth 4: Using the Same Shampoo Consistently Will Cause it to Stop Working

Wrong again! While it’s great to try out different shampoos and find one that really works for your hair, you don’t need to shop around for a new shampoo every few months if you don’t want to. There is absolutely no proof that sticking with a product that works for you will cause it to lose effectiveness over time.  

Myth 5: Getting Regular Trims Makes Your Hair Grow Faster

Listen, we would never advise you not to get your hair trimmed. Regular trims can help prevent split ends and keep hair looking and feeling healthier. However, those consistent cuts are not magically making your hair grow faster. Trims simply help get rid of the broken strands and weak ends.

Have any other hair myths you’d like us to debunk? Let us know in the comments!

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