3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Fall Hair Routine

3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Fall Hair Routine

A change of season calls for a change of routine! From back to school to the drop in temperature, there are more than enough reasons to get excited about giving your habits, style, and hair a bit of a refresh. Check out Maria’s top tips for freshening up your Fall hair routine!

Hydrate Your Hair
While this is especially important for curly, thick, and textured hair types, it’s a helpful tip for anyone looking to keep their hair healthy. While dryness can also come from the summer humidity, cold weather brings a different type of dehydration that can cause more tangles and flyaways. It’s crucial to moisturize on a regular basis with a hydrating shampoo & conditioner and a protective styling product.

Try a Trim
Summer fun can mean a lot of exposure to sunshine, high temperatures, chlorine, salt water, and humidity. While increasing the moisture in your everyday routine can be a good start, you may be better off cutting away the dead ends and giving your hair a clean slate. No need to get drastic – just a trim will do. However, if you’re feeling a Fall BeautyBrave makeover, we’re all for it!

Pamper Yourself
Not only is cold weather is the best excuse for getting cozy and treating yourself to the sweeter things in life, it also brings cold temperatures and humidity changes that will leave your hair in need of some major TLC! A rich hair masque is a simple way to revitalize your hair with vitamins and minerals all while adding that extra moisture we mentioned above!

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