3 Ways to Combat Winter Static

3 Ways to Combat Winter Static

It’s that time of year again BeautyBraves! Winter is in full swing and static is running rampant. We’re giving you 3 amazing tips for keeping the static at bay and making sure your hair stays happy, healthy, and most importantly, hydrated.

1. Think About Your Hair Tools

It’s no secret that heat styling your hair can often cause it to dry out, making your ends split and depleting your hair of that ever-so-necessary moisture (especially in the winter). When choosing hair tools to style with, try to be mindful of their features. Tools that use ionic technology to lock moisture into the hair’s cuticle will help your hair maintain hydration rather than drying it out. Additionally, consider letting your hair air-dry every now and then in the winter. Keeping direct heat off of your hair as often as possible is a great way to stop dryness in its tracks.

 2. Condition, Condition, Condition

While shampoo and conditioner are always essential to a healthy haircare routine, conditioning becomes especially crucial in the winter months. The biggest mistake you can make in the winter is depriving your hair of a little extra conditioner. This can take the form of a rich hair mask or, if you really want to treat yourself and your hair, a professional deep conditioning treatment at the salon. Because conditioner is all about sealing the hair cuticle and restoring moisture to your hair, it’s a key component of your regimen that helps prevent unwanted static.

 3. Don’t Over-Wash

It may seem counterintuitive to the above point, but over-washing your hair is just as bad as not using a conditioner. Every time you shampoo, you strip your hair of natural oils that help it maintain a healthy look and feel. In the winter, over-washing your hair will actually dry it out faster than washing every few days and using a moisturizing conditioning product. If you have very fine hair that you’re used to washing every day, try shampooing every other day to keep your hair clean, while still preventing winter static.


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