Why You Need The Perfecter Oval

Why You Need The Perfecter Oval

The Perfecter Oval is here and it’s one of our favorite innovations to date. Maria created this tool specifically so you can have the shine, ease, and healthy heat of the Perfecter Pro in a new shape that gives you the volume and body you can usually only get from a blowout. With two size choices, this new tool lets you achieve volume in the way that best suits your hair! Whether it’s major lift at the root, a unique wave pattern, or sleek, shiny body, the Perfecter Oval is the newest member of the Perfecter family and it’s definitely making waves.

The Oval Difference
With a more narrow edge, the Perfecter Oval is ideal for giving more lift. Because you can get closer to the root, the beveled surface of the tool is able to give your hair more height and more body than the original Perfecter Pro. The larger surface area also holds more hair, giving longer styles a more natural wave pattern and allowing for faster smoothing and straightening.
Choosing Your Size

There are two sizes available and your choice should come down to hair length. We recommend the Short 1” size for anyone with shoulder-length or shorter hair. However, if you have a pixie cut that’s less than 2.5” long, this is not the tool for you! We recommend the Triangl Pro for lifting your super-short strands. For hair below the shoulders or longer, we recommend the Long 1.25” size.

Why 2 Perfecters?
The Perfecter Pro Heated Round Brush has been a Calista fan favorite for years! It makes sense that you’d wonder why we’d create a whole new shape with the Perfecter Oval. Do you need both? Can you get something different out of each tool? Which should you choose?

The Perfecter Round: Comes in 4 sizes for ALL hair lengths. Creates tighter curls and waves, shiny smoothness, and dramatic flips. Works great for pixie cuts, bangs, and styling around the ears.

The Perfecter Oval: Comes in 2 sizes for hair longer than 2.5”. Creates bigger lift at the root, softer waves, and smooth volume. Works great for lifting short styles at the root and creating effortless waves and faster smoothing for longer styles.


  • Calista Tools

    Hi Nancy! At this time, we only have the 1.25" size in the Perfecter Oval. If you have any further questions, please contact us at CustomerCare@calistatools.com!

  • Nancy Trenary

    Do you have different size oval brush attachments to purchase separately

  • Calista Tools

    Hi Susan!
    Unfortunately, we don’t offer the Perfecter Oval in a size about 1.25". However, we do have the StyleDryer in size 2.75" if this would be of interest to you! If you have more questions, please feel free to email us at CustomerCare@calistatools.com!

  • Susan Horst

    I am wanting to buy a 2.5 oval shape profecter. I do not care what color it is.

  • Calista Tools

    Hi Debbie! The Perfecter Oval is available on our website:


    If you have any further questions, please contact us at CustomerCare@calistatools.com

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