Which Calista Heated Brush Do You Need?

At Calista, we’ve got tons of styling tools to choose from. But with so many heated brush options, we know you might be wondering which one would be best for you. Today, we’re breaking down all of our heated brushes and helping you figure out which one will work best for your hair type, hair length, and styling goals. Let’s get started!

The Perfecter Pro

What it does: The Perfecter is what we call a “do-it-all tool.” It can smooth hair, add volume, and create curls.

Unique feature: No-burn bristles. You can touch them while you style and not risk damage to your hair or your fingers!

Best for: Volume at the root for short hairstyles.

The StyleDryer Pro

What it does: The StyleDryer is a one-step blowout brush that dries and styles your hair at the same time.

Unique feature: Interchangeable brush heads. The StyleDryer lets you choose the right size brush for your hair length and change it as you please.

Best for: Giving yourself a classic blowout at home.

The GoGo Mini

What it does: The GoGo is a mini round brush ideal for touching up hairstyles and styling on the go.

Unique feature: Compact size. You can style hard-to-reach places like behind the ears and along the hairline that other tools have trouble getting to.

Best for: Packing for touch-up emergencies or last-minute styling.

The Triangl Pro

What it does: The Triangl Pro is a detail-oriented tool that lets you flip, direct, lift, and de-frizz hair.

Unique feature: Triangular-shaped plates. The unique shape of this tool gives you styling options that round and flat tools cannot.

Best for: Handling frizz and flyaways.

The FAUXblo

What it does: The FAUXblo is a blowout short-cut. It gives you the look of a classic blowout without having to wash or dry your hair.

Unique feature: Soft-tipped bristles. This tool features 1000 ultra-soft bristles that gently style hair and won’t cause tangles or frizz.

Best for: Smoothing out thick, coarse hair.

Which Calista heated brush is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


Calista Tools

Hi Mary!
If you purchased the original Perfecter, that only came in the 1" size.
If you are still not sure which size you have, feel free to email us at CustomerCare@calistatools.com and we can help you figure it out!


I have an older profector heated round brush but not sure what size it is I would like to order a new on how do I tell what size I have. Thank you

Calista Tools

Hi Linda!
We are so happy you love your Triangl! This is a great idea and we love hearing what our customers want to see from us in the future. Thank you so much!


I have the new triangle heated brush. LOVE IT. I would love to see you create a triangle boar/bristle brush to use when blow drying. I think it would do wonders for blow drying. Think about it!!! Please!! Linda

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