Tools 101: The Calista Beauty Case

Tools 101: The Calista Beauty Case

You’ve seen it on our social media channels, you’ve viewed it on our site, maybe you’ve even already purchased it. We’re talking about the brand new, totally innovative Calista Beauty Case. Maria created this product with the help of some BeautyBrave customers who thought it would be a great idea to have a 3-in-1 case for storage, organization, and styling anytime, anywhere. Keep reading to learn a little more about our Calista Case and see if it might be a good fit for you!

What Is It?


The Calista Beauty Case is an all-in-one organizer, storage case, and pop-up vanity counter for all things makeup and hair (even your tools)! It’s everything you need for glam on the go, styling in small spaces, and keeping your favorite beauty and hair products organized and always at the ready. It’s the first product we’ve ever had that isn’t a hair tool or product, but actually works as an all-in-one beauty essential!


Break-Down of Our Favorite Features


First and foremost, we have to recognize that this product is designed to organize any and all of your beauty products. With 3 hair tool slots (that can also hold brushes, products, or even a water bottle), 7 different-sized compartments ideal for any and all cosmetics and skincare items, and 3 makeup brush bags (again, use them for whatever you can think of!), this case was made to keep all of your beauty products and tools in one, seamlessly organized place.

Storage System


Organization and storage go hand-in-hand. The great thing about this compact case (measuring 15.6" x 5.5" x 13.9") is that once you organize all of your beauty essentials, you can also safely and easily store them. Just zip up the case and slip it under your bed, next to your bathroom counter, or wherever it’s most easily accessible for you!


Pop-Up Vanity

This is probably the coolest and more unique thing about the Calista Beauty Case. It’s equipped with lock-in-place technology, which means that when you lay the case completely flat, it activates a lock that allows you to use it as a pop-up vanity counter. Small counter space in your bathroom so you’re forced to do your hair and makeup over the sink? No room for a beauty counter in your apartment so you do your hair and makeup on your bed? Traveling and unable to find the space to lay your products down? We have your solution right here!

Heat-Resistant Lining

We couldn’t create a case with hair tool storage without making sure that you can place your hair tools in it without risk. The hair tool side of the Calista Beauty Case features lining that is heat resistant up to 300°F, so you can lay tools in there while styling over your pop-up vanity or pack them before they’ve fully cooled so you can get going without the wait!

So what do you think? Could a Calista Beauty Case simplify your beauty routine? Let us know in the comments!

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