Tools 101: Soft-Grip Volumizing Rollers

Tools 101: Soft-Grip Volumizing Rollers

Have you heard? Heatless hairstyling is hot, hot, hot (pun intended)! Our newest rollers are here and they’re the ultimate solution for achieving lift and curl without exposing your hair to heat. Plus, they’re perfect for achieving fast, hands-free volume. Keep reading to learn more about our Soft-Grip Volumizing Rollers and our favorite styling tips.

The Basics

Our soft-grip rollers come in 2 set sizes, each set featuring 18 rollers in 2 sizes. This allows for a variety of styling options ranging from loose texture and volume to more defined bounce and curl.

LONG SET: MEDIUM 1.75” + LONG 2.25” / 18 ROLLERS

These rollers are made with Soft-Grip Technology, which gently keeps rollers in place with small loops that softly adhere to hair and prevent unnecessary pulling or damage. Our rollers also come with Easy-Secure Clips that allow you to place them perfectly and firmly secure them in hard-to-reach places or where hair may be heavier.

How To Roll

To use the rollers, we recommend separating hair into sections no larger than the size of the roller you’re using. For styling purposes, use a smaller size roller for tight volume and a larger size for loose volume. Place chosen roller at the end of the hair section and roll entire section inward, stopping when hair is rolled onto the base of your scalp. Secure your roller with clip provided and allow to set for 10-20 minutes. The longer you leave the roller in, the better staying power your curls or volume will have. Remove the rollers by removing the clips and gently letting hair unravel.

Why Go Heatless?

To put it simply, heatless hairstyling is the only way to absolutely ensure that you are not inflicting any form of heat damage on your hair. While Calista creates hot tools that use Fusion Technology to prevent this, it can’t be argued that styling hair without heat drastically reduces hair damage.

Additionally, heatless hairstyling can reduce hair loss, prevent spilt ends and breakage, and preserve your hair’s natural shine. Despite all of these amazing benefits, what our customers love the most is the convenience of our Soft-Grip Rollers. Not only can you save hours by putting in your rollers and going about your tasks, the rollers are also completely portable and require no electricity, so you can use them anytime, anywhere.

Will you be trying our Soft-Grip Rollers? Let us know in the comments!

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