Tools 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Heated Round Brush

As Maria always says, “Using a heated round brush is like riding a bike – once you do it, you never forget!” The Perfecter Pro is one of our most beloved tools, but that doesn’t mean that using a heated round brush for the first time is easy. Fear not BeautyBraves, we’re breaking down all the ins and outs of using a heated round brush to curl, lift, and smooth your hair!

The Basics

First and foremost, throw all of your curling wand knowledge out the window. Using a round brush to curl is a completely different process and if you try to use it the same way you would a curling iron, you’ll end up with a tangled mess.

Next, remember that this tool’s got teeth! A heated round brush is specifically made to style and brush through your hair so that you have a more natural-looking curl and less opportunities to burn or singe your hair. Because the bristles are hard, too much twisting too quickly will lead to the tool getting stuck and rolling up from the bottom of your hair or taking too big of a section can also lead to a tangle. Hair styling is a learning process so be patient with yourself and take your time!

Creating a Curl   

To curl your hair with a heated round brush like our Perfecter Pro, start by brushing through a strand that’s around 1-2 inches thick. Hold the Perfecter behind that strand and keep the tool vertical. Place the top of your strand into the teeth at the top of the Perfecter and slowly turn the Perfecter back towards your head, allowing the teeth to comb through your hair as you turn. Once you’ve made one full rotation, hold for 5 seconds and allow the curl to set. Continue this process as you move down your strand, keeping the tool vertical and turning it slowly as you go. Do this process on your whole head for chic, spiral curls!

Learning to Lift

Getting lift with the Perfecter is dependent on your hair type. Typically, our clients love getting extra volume at the crown to make their hair look and feel a little fuller with a shorter style or a pixie cut. To get lift at the crown or root of your hair, hold the Perfecter horizontally and place it directly under the strand at the root, draping the hair over the tool and into the teeth. Hold for 10-15 seconds and then brush through for a little extra lift!

Styling Some Smoothness

While the Perfecter can be used to create smooth styles, try the TrianglPro for a true straight and sleek look. To get a little smoothness with your heated round brush, choose a section of hair and firmly hold the ends to create tension. Place the Perfecter horizontally over top of the strand. Slowly glide down hair for a polished, sleek look!

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Marlene Grohowski

How do you select the size of the tool. or how do you measure
the size of the brush

Calista Tools

Hi Barbara! We recommend starting off at 365 degrees – which is the middle temperature on our Perfecter. Since you have fine hair, you probably don’t need the highest setting, but since you have a lot of hair, the 365 degree temperature should be just enough to give you the style you want!

Barbara Boccoleri

What is a recommended temperature to use with fine hair that is thick and cut in a chin length bob?

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