The Story Behind Embellish Root Touch-Up

The Story Behind Embellish Root Touch-Up

If the past year has taught us anything about haircare, it’s that having an effective way to color our hair at home is an absolute must! For those of us that prefer the touch of a professional colorist, sometimes the wait-time between hair appointments can get a little iffy.

Maria wanted to come up with the perfect solution for the grey roots and thinning patches that can often pop up when we’re left to our own devices.

Embellish Root Touch-Up made a splash on QVC this May, but Maria’s vision for this revolutionary product is far from over – she gave us the inside scoop on all things Embellish Root Touch-Up!

Hi Maria! With the major success of the other Embellish styling products, what was behind the decision to create something that deals with color?

Maria McCool: “During the pandemic when we had to shut the salon down, the number one call I was getting from clients was ‘what am I going to do with my roots?!’ All we had to offer at the salon were powders that were loose, messy, and not covering the amount of roots my clients had. We tried to move into sprays, but they were even messier and stiff and didn’t do anything for the style. All of these products were topical and none of them helped give you lift and volume. So I needed to make something better!”

Love that! There are so many root touch-up products out there, what makes this one different?

MM: “Embellish Root Touch-Up marries a styling product with coverage! It has the famous Embellish fiber technology that doesn’t just sit on top of your hair, but actually adheres to your strands for coverage and color that lasts.”

Can we expect more colors in the future?

MM: “We’re already concocting more! Hair color is very unique and the color choices on the market are very limiting. We want to change the root coloring space for the better because this is a huge need. Keep expecting shades from me as we continue to fine tune this amazing product!”

Embellish Root Touch-Up currently comes in six shades, but if there isn’t one to match you now, there is sure to be something in your color family coming down the line – keep an eye out!

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