Say Goodbye to Aging Hair

Say Goodbye to Aging Hair

We all get older, but our hair doesn’t have to! No matter what age you are, there are simple and effective steps you can take to keep your hair looking full, shiny, and healthy.

Choose Vitamin-Infused Products
Drying mousses and gels tend to strip away natural shine, making hair look dull and lifeless. Products infused with vitamins and minerals tend to fortify the hair and add moisture to aging strands. For a little extra hydration, try a rich hair mask or a restorative styling cream.

Brush Gently, Brush Often
Brushing your hair regularly not only keeps it looking polished, it also encourages blood flow to the scalp which can promote hair growth and healthier strands. Using a brush with flexible, lightweight bristles will allow you to gently work through any tangles while distributing your hair’s natural conditioning oils to keep your locks looking and feeling healthy.

Protect Against Heat
From hot tools to sun exposure, heat can really take a toll on aging hair. When using any hair styling tools, use a thermal spray to prevent damage from prolonged heat exposure. For additional protection, try a styling product that protects against UV rays.

Condition With Care
Not only does conditioner leave your hair feeling silky and soft, it also helps replenish natural oils and brings out your hair’s natural sheen. Volumizing conditioner helps strengthen your hair, individually plumping each strand to provide more volume.

Not sure where to start? Knowing your hair type is the first step to choosing products that work for you!

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