Maria’s Current Top 5 Calista Products

Maria’s Current Top 5 Calista Products

Happy March! Not only is this the month that Spring begins, but it’s also our founder, Maria McCool’s birthday month! We sat down with her and got the scoop on her current Calista favorites. Find out which products she’s loving for the moment and which products she can never go without.

“My favorite products change all the time – it depends on my mood, how I’m styling my hair, and the time of year. I believe in having a wardrobe of styling products and tools, but these 5 are my current go-tos!”

  1. Jousse Vitality Spray
    “Aging hair can’t go without this! I use this every single day to protect and strengthen my hair.”

  2. Smoothie Brush
    “This goes hand in hand with the Thermal Spray. Doesn’t pull or damage my hair!”

  3. Embellish Texturizing Foam
    “My go-to styling product right now!”

  4. Perfecter Pro
    “The Perfecter can do any look I want. It’s definitely my go-to tool. This is a desert island tool for me – I’m always using the Perfecter.”

  5. Embellish Finishing Spray
    “I’m all about a wardrobe of hairsprays, but when it comes to which one I use the most – it’s this. I’m always running out of my Embellish!”

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  • Calista Tools

    Hi Judy! While we don’t have a hair drying brush that spins, we do have the StyleDryer Pro – this amazing tool lets you style and dry at the same time, but remains still and completely in your control which actually helps limit potential tangles that a spinning brush could cause. If you have any additional questions, please email us at!

  • Judy G Mozingo

    I am looking for a spinning blow dryer brush to give volume to my new stacked hairdo. Does Calista make one?

    Thanks, Judy

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