Hair Tips for Your Summer Wedding

Hair Tips for Your Summer Wedding

Whether you’re a bridesmaid or the bride-to-be – a summer wedding means thinking about your hairstyle in a whole new way. We’ve talked about humidity in a past blog post and while those tips are great for everyday, they don’t necessarily translate to an important event where cameras are snapping constantly and you want your hair to look perfect from every angle.

In honor of Maria’s 5-year wedding anniversary, check out these specialized tips that will have you totally ready for the big day!

Go With You Natural Texture
Work with your hair! Just like when choosing wedding décor or the perfect dress, it’s important to stay true to yourself when choosing your hairstyle. When you work with your hair rather than trying to get it to do something it’s not used to, you end up with better results that will last longer, no matter the weather.

Keep Styles Tight
When you’re battling against heat and humidity for your summer wedding, keep your style of choice as tight as you can. If you choose to have the perfect up-do, make sure it’s pinned to perfection and allows for as little movement as possible. If you choose to have flawless spiral curls, don’t brush them out! Keep them tight and let them fall on their own to reduce the risk of your hair going flat.

Change It Up for the Reception
Who says your dress is the only thing you can change up for the reception? If you’re worried about your style lasting all day, change it into something that will last through a long night of dancing and socializing at the reception.  

Keep Hair Products On Hand
Open communication with your stylist is key! Ask about the products being used on your hair and try to buy some travel-size versions you can stash in a bag for touch-ups between events! Throw in some extra bobby pins, hair ties, and dry shampoo too – just in case!

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