Perfect Hair Products to Throw In Your Beach Bag

Perfect Hair Products to Throw In Your Beach Bag

Summer, summer, summer! The time for beach vacations is right around the corner. We talked to our Calista team about some must-have items to throw in your beach bag to beat the heat and keep your hair looking and feeling great.

Salt Mist
That salt air isn’t the only way to give your hair a beachy feel. Stocking up on a good salt mist not only leaves you feeling breezy and sun-kissed, it’s also really good for your hair. Our formula hydrates hair, repairs damage, and infuses softness and shine into every strand. Made from marine water derived from coastal France, it’s a fast, easy way to give your hair that beachy texture while keeping it healthy and happy!

Hair Oil
In the summer, it’s all about maintaining moisture in your hair. From root to ends, you want to make sure you’re able to give your strands the hydration they need to stay soft and healthy all season long. Hair oil is a simple, effective solution to dry or splitting ends that pop up when you spend a lot of time in the hot sun. Simply apply a lightweight, reparative oil to your hair while on the beach for long-lasting moisture and protection.

Whether you just finished up a swim in the ocean or the beachy breeze is blowing a little too hard, keeping a hairbrush in your bag will ensure you can tame your mane with ease. Our Smoothie Brush is the perfect lightweight beach companion. Not only will it help you detangle any pesky knots, but it’ll also have you feeling polished and put together if you go straight from the sand to your next fun summer activity!

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