All About Our Vault Tools

All About Our Vault Tools

You may have noticed that Calista has been bursting with Vault Tools lately! We wanted to give you a rundown of our current Vault selections, when they came to be, and which ones our founder, Maria McCool, considers some of her favorite colors and patterns.

Vault Sweet Summer FAUXblos
These FAUXblos were a QVC Today’s Special Value in Summer of 2022! Maria loved these bright, fun colors and thought they were the perfect representation of summertime vibes. The color names are Raspberry Ice, Blue Snow Cone, and Pink Lemonade. Perfectly refreshing names for a stellar hot tool that’s made to refresh your hair!

Vault Print Triangl Pros

We have a few fun prints happening with our Vault Triangls at the moment, all from the November 2022 TSV! The Purple Orchid is a serene, unique Calista print that is a fun departure from our typical, more crowded floral prints. The bold purple color doesn’t hurt either! The other two prints are Snakeskin and Cheetah Print, two chic animal prints that made a big splash when we released them on QVC and our website!

Vault Color StyleDryer Pros
Can you saw jewel tones? These bold StyleDryers have been around since the holidays, but initially made their debut back in 2021. Maria chose these brights as a way of commemorating the holiday season and giving one of our most popular tools and fresh and fun revamp. The Radiant Fuchsia and Brilliant Teal shades are absolute showstoppers while the Light Pink was one of our classic hues made fresh with the debut of our then-revamped Calista logo.

Vault Print Perfecter Pros


Save the best for last? When it comes to the Perfecter, that might be the case! No matter what prints the Perfecter comes in, it’s forever and always one of Maria’s go-to tools. These Vault versions feature our Zebra and Cheetah prints, two that debuted in September 2022. We hope you’ll love styling on the wild side with these ultra-cool classics.



Have you purchased a Vault tool? Let us know which one is your favorite and which vintage Calista prints you’d love to see make a reappearance!


  • Lynne Voncannon

    What is the difference between the perfector and the FAUXblos?

  • Calista Tools

    Hi Laurie!

    We are so happy to hear this :) Thank you for being a loyal BeautyBrave customer!

  • Laurie

    I absolutely love your tools and look forward to more promotions from you.

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