4 Top Hair Trends for Spring 2024

4 Top Hair Trends for Spring 2024

Spring is coming! The freshest season of the year is fast approaching and nothing says ‘new beginnings’ like giving your hair a little transformation. At Calista, we’re all about small changes, so we always try to feature ideas that range from a small embellishment to a full-on hair change. The rest is up to you! Today, we’re talking about the 4 biggest hair trends we’re seeing this season and how you can implement them to freshen up your look.


This Spring, vintage glamour is back in a big way. We’re seeing bows, clips, and baubles everywhere we turn. While these embellishments are often reserved for the holiday season, 2024 is bringing accessories to the forefront and encouraging all of us to add a little glamour to our everyday style.

Sleek & Straight

A classic that never goes out of style, straight hair is springing up all over the place. While curls and volume will always have their place, the sleek, pin-straight look offers a fresh alternative. If you want to try out this look for yourself, we suggest using a heat-safe tool that works for your hair type. If you have naturally curly hair, try out the AirGlide or the Triangl to smooth your strands.


Don’t feel like styling your hair? Throw on a headband! The ‘80s workout look is back and simple, cloth headbands on day-old hair are a sweet homage to a different time. Another headband trend that’s showing up once again this Spring are the ‘90s comb bands. These work great for a slicked back look. Plus, who doesn’t love a little ‘90s nostalgia?

Bob Cuts

From blunt bobs to sleek lobs, the chic bob haircut is reappearing as a staple look for all ages and hair types. One of the best things about this cut? It provides an opportunity to chop off all your dead ends, gives your hair a thicker, fuller appearance, and immediately gives you a look of effortless sophistication.

Will you be trying any of these hair trends this Spring? Do you have other suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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