3 Hat Hair Hacks You Need this Winter

3 Hat Hair Hacks You Need this Winter

It’s that time of year again! It’s getting colder and colder, which means it’s time to wear all of your most adorable and cozy winter hats. Leaving the house in a hat is a no-brainer, but what about the hat hair you’ll inevitably have once you get to your destination? We’ve got a few tips (and a few product recommendations) to help!

Hack 1: Embrace the Mess!

When you pull your hair out from underneath a cozy hat, not only will it be a little messy, you’ll likely also run into some static. This can cause your hair to look frizzy or a little unkempt. Rather than taming the mess, sometimes it’s easier to just embrace it. Using a texturizing product can help you create a piecey, textured look that feels a little more deliberate. Pull hair into a half-up pony or a messy low bun to create some more dimension! We recommend 02 Texturizer Spray for longer styles and Embellish Texturizing Definer for shorter hair.

Hack 2: Tame and Touch-Up

This hack will definitely depend on your hair type, but once you take off that fuzzy winter hat, try using a brush and detangler combo. A light, crisp detangling spray will add some moisture into your hair and help you tame the frizz, all while smoothing out your locks and helping your hair return to its natural texture. Brush it out and give your hair a clean slate! We recommend Jousse Vitality Spray (also works as a vitamin-infusion) and the Smoothie Brush. For a little extra taming, try the Triangl Pro. It is a heat tool, so would require an outlet, but it’s amazing for smoothing out hair in a pinch!

Hack 3: Pull it Back

This is less of a hack and more of a simple way to create a clean, polished look anytime, anywhere. You can never go wrong with a simple bun or half-up look. This way, you take all of the hair on the top of your head (the part most affected by the hat) and simply pull it out of your face and tame it back. Using a brush and some hairspray (choose the amount of hold you need based on your hair type), brush your hair away from your face and create a clean, smooth look. Tie your hair into a bun or ponytail and spritz on the hairspray to get rid of flyaways. We recommend Duet Hairspray or Airshape Finishing Spray for thinner hair and Embellish Finishing Spray or Marathon Hairspray for thicker hair. And as always, we suggest our favorite flexi-brush, the Smoothie Brush!

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