White Lie (Root Touch-Up) Gel 1.69oz

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Cover grays while adding extra lift at your root with Calista White Lie Root Touch-Up Gel. Unlike powder touch up products, White Lie uses a root-lifting gel formula with wand applicator so you can easily tackle gray spots at the root while helping to boost volume into it at the same time. Available in light, medium, and dark, White Lie is made for every hair type and is created to closely match a broad spectrum of blonde, brunette, and black shades. Use White Lie in between salon visits for hair that looks like you just stepped out of the chair… your secret’s safe with us. 

How do I use it:   Use Calista White Lie Root Touch-Up Gel on damp hair. Apply generously to gray areas at the root and wherever more vibrant color is desired. After applying, thoroughly dry hair, and style as usual.

Quick tip: You can also use White Lie on stray grays in eyebrows and facial hair where needed.


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