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-The AIRSHOT’s Smart Sliding Nozzle allows you to adjust the speed and concentration at which you dry your hair by activating two modes of drying – Full-Shot Mode and Style-Shot Mode.

- Full-Shot Mode is activated when the Smart Sliding Nozzle is not extended. Full-Shot Mode uses maximum air speed in a concentrated airflow for fast drying, perfect for the beginning of the blow-dry process.

-Style-Shot Mode is activated when the Smart Sliding Nozzle is extended. Style-Shot Mode uses a less concentrated and wider airflow for more even drying, and to allow you to style hair while drying.

- Digital temperature and air speed button that allows you to choose between low, medium, and high temperature and air speed settings.

- Cool Shot Button as well as a Switch Memory Function which automatically saves the last setting used on the dryer (not including Cool Shot), so there is no need to re-adjust your favorite setting every time you turn the dryer back on!


The Technology-

The system generates a plasma coating effect on each hair strand with more than 10 million cations and anions to fortify hair strand elasticity and increase shine. The negative ions that are emitted cause water to break down faster and evaporate quicker, therefore shortening your drying time. The ions also help remove static electricity which in turn, helps reduce frizz. The result – softer, shiner hair in a fraction of the time which helps protect your hair against exposure to excessive drying time.



How Do I Use It:Use the Calista AIRSHOT on damp, towel-dried hair. Before choosing drying mode, make sure the nozzle is exactly aligned to 90°F or 180°F depending on the position you want the airflow. Turn the dryer on and choose between low, medium, or high speed and temperature. Begin by drying hair in Full-Shot Mode with nozzle not extended. For fine or damaged hair use the low-medium temperature setting. For coarse of resistant hair, use the medium-high temperature setting. Continue drying in Full-Shot Mode until hair is ¾ of the way dry. Next, press the Nozzle Release Button to activate Style-Shot Mode. Style each section of hair using a round or other styling brush for 5-10 seconds with preferred temperature and air speed setting, then hit the Cool Shot button and continue drying for 5-10 seconds to allow the cool air to set your style.