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Embellish Expand 6 oz

Embellish Expand is a thickening pump spray cream is great for all hair types looking for more volume, body and shine. 

Who is it for? All hair types. 

Why is it different? Embellish Expand was created with the distinctly chosen ingredients, Microsil and Voluminous to help plump and thicken hair. Expand will add more fullness, bounce, body, and shine to hair, giving it an instant transformation to the appearance. 

How is it used? The convenient spray release will provide easy and effective application. Spray on freshly shampooed, damp hair. Work through with hands, from roots to ends. Be sure Expand is applied to entire hair. Blow dry and style.

At a rate of 4 sprays per use, this product should last approximately 120 days. 

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