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Achieve 10 is a hair nourishing styling cream. Your hair will be a perfect 10 every day with the following results:

1. Smooth and silky hair 

2. Frizz control 

3. Added Shine

4. Extra body and fullness

5. Detangled hair

6. Protection for hair color

7. Prevent split ends/hair breakage

8. Guard from heat styling

9. Restore dry, damaged hair

10. Humidity blocker

Who is it for? All hair types. 

Why is it different?  Achieve 10 is the one product that delivers what, in the past, took ten separate products. It protects and repairs your hair without weighing it down. It contains Argan oil, nature’s most potent source of Vitamin E. The greaseless oil full of vitamins and antioxidants easily penetrates the hair, as opposed to lying on the hair cuticle. Achieve 10 deeply infuses the hair with volumizers that thicken the hair, creating body and fullness. 

How is it used? A nickel-sized amount is generally recommended, but the texture, volume, and length of the hair determines the amount needed for application. Achieve 10 can be used on both damp and dry hair. Just rub the appropriate amount into the palms of your hands and apply directly to your hair. Repeat if you prefer more conditioning. Achieve is also the perfect product to detangle wet hair.

At a rate of 1 dime size pump per use, this product should last approximately 90 days. 

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